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Don’t know what to wear? Don’t have time or energy to go out shopping while you’re pregnant, or after you’ve just had a baby?

Don’t worry! I have varied collection of dresses you can choose from to use during your family or maternity photo session.

All of these dresses are bump friendly and designed to fit before, and after, you have your baby! Because these are bump friendly, all of the dresses tend to fit a range of sizes. I’ll list the size that the dress designers listed them at, but they will all fit a size below and usually a couple sizes above.

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My Kids’ Client Closet

While newborn babies have their own extensive collection of wraps, bonnets, newborn-sized outfits, and more, older babies have plenty of options, too. My growing rack of outfits includes a variety of items perfect for 6 to 9-month-old kiddos.

Client Closet Options for Dad

Don’t forget Dad! To help dad look great in photos, too, I have a collection of men’s shirts. These have been handpicked so that the colors are sure to match whatever mom is wearing. I have five great color options, and each is available in either small, medium, large, and extra large.

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