A Charming Church Wedding in Portland, Oregon

A Charming Church Wedding in Portland, Oregon

March 18, 2021

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Charae + Neil

Neil stood waiting by a tree with bated breath, looking out at his friends, and new family. It was a beautiful warm, sunny day in Portland, Oregon — an unexpected treat here in the Pacific Northwest. Shaded by the tree, Neil couldn’t wait to see his future wife for their church wedding in Portland. As Charae gently put a hand on his back, Neil steadied himself and turned to look at his beautiful bride. He was immediately overcome with emotion.

The journey that Neil began when he met his bride-to-be in Central America had finally brought him to Oregon. This day, — the day of their charming church wedding in Portland, Oregon — was the culmination of a journey through time and distance to arrive at what was surely his destiny. The day had finally arrived and when he saw his bride for the very first time, Charae took his breath away. In just a few hours, they would be getting married at Hillcrest Bible Church in the Southwest hills of Portland, Oregon.

While second shooting this charming church wedding in Portland for Timothy Capp, I couldn’t help but feel joy that permeated Charae and Neil’s love story. You could sense, in a profound way, the depth of feeling they had for each other; and the love that all their guests felt for them. Everyone’s hearts were filled knowing that Charae and Neil had found each other, and that they would share the rest of their lives together in Portland, Oregon. This is why I absolutely love being a Portland wedding photographer.

They are both so clearly loved by their huge community of family and friends. Congratulations, newlyweds!

Wedding Details

This wedding took place at Hillcrest Bible Church at 4747 SW Cameron Rd, Portland, OR 97221 on Saturday, March 13th, 2021.

Neil & Charae’s Gallery from their Church Wedding in Portland

A beautiful invitation suite for this charming church wedding in Portland, Oregon.

Zoe Arnesen


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